How I A/B tested my adult onset lactose intolerance


I love milk. I grew up drinking a glass of milk everyday and unlike most kids, I looked forward to it.

Recently however I found myself suffering from various gastric issues and I started to notice a pattern. Anytime I drank milk, or milk related products, I would find myself rushing to the toilet within 30-45 minutes. On other days, if I were to indulge in yogurt or cheeses, I would find myself with a bloated stomach.

Googling the symptoms were not promising. It all pointed towards Adult onset lactose intolerance.

How do I make sure that I had it though?

Most articles suggested eliminating dairy products to observe if there were any improvements to the body and to observe what would happen when it was reintroduced into the body.

This is exactly what I decided to do.


For 2 weeks, I completely stayed away from dairy products. I replaced most of my milk with either oats milk or hazelnut milk. I avoided eating yogurt or cheeses. My afternoon siesta/fika session was just a glass of water.

I found that during this period of time, my tummy was a lot flatter as it was less bloated and my gastric issues reduced dramatically! Overall, I felt much better and less sluggish too.


Starting on Monday, I started to introduce dairy products back into my diet. I started with a simple greek yogurt for breakfast, which I had continuously as my breakfast for 4 days. At tea time, I would also grab a cup of milk tea.

The first day, there was very little affect on my body. For a moment, I let myself indulge in the dream that my body is able to accept dairy products.

Fast Forward to 4 days later, and my body is revolting against my test! By wednesday, my tummy has bloated up with gas, I need to rush to the ladies about 30-45 mins after eating or drinking anything with dairy in it.


Unfortunately, I have to admit to myself that my relationship with dairy is no longer as carefree as it used to be when I was a child.

It seems that going forward, the best option is for me to have a dairy-free life. Of course, I will still occasionally indulge in cheese and sometimes a bit of milk tea! But for my own health, 98.7% of the time, it will have to be a dairy free existence.


Have you experienced this before? Share your story in the comments 🙂



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