No, I Will Not “Hang Out” With You


OH! Things just got a whole lot clearer.

Thought Catalog

Hanging out   noun

a term used to make an otherwise painstakingly obvious dating situation appear more casual; especially : used when coitus has occurred between the two individuals; even more especially : used when one of the involved individuals has commitment issues and refuses to use titles for fear of actually having to own responsibility for their everyday actions.

Examples of hanging out:

“We’re exclusive. Not seeing or sleeping with other people. We text and talk all the time. My family knows about her and so do my friends. But we’re just hanging out.”

“I love hanging out with you.”

“We’re just, ya know, hanging out.”

It’s a shame, but the millennial generation is full of commitment phobes. If you don’t catch ‘em young, there’s this blackhole of time in which 20somethings are sucked into, never to be seen again until their 30s. In that said time, they hang out…

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