Buffer: I might be in love with your logo


I started using Buffer at my new job a few weeks ago. At first, it was merely a tool that I used to help me in my everyday tasks. But the longer I spent time with it, the more I begun to notice the little things that made up Buffer and I fell in love. Do you know how hard it can be to keep track of a dozen social media accounts and then having to time releases of various articles? Analytics can be another hazzle. Seriously, it is enough to drive one mad. Especially when you are in the constant cusp of fear that you will accidently send out the wrong tweet or status update via a wrong channel and all of a sudden you find yourself out of a job!

So after settling in at work, I finally had time to appreciate the beauty that was Buffer! From the ease of use to its design layout and even culture, I was in love completely. I am ruined for any other system I might have to use in the future. I refuse to imagine a future without buffer.

Let me begin listing the various reasons, Buffer’s logo is my favourite of the moment!

I come from a biomed background spending countless hours in the lab running tests and the Western blot is one that I really liked to run.

This is basically how the test is run; proteins of different sizes are separated based on charge etc and its run through a buffer system. Seeing the Logo reminded me of this test. Buffer allows you to prioritise articles that you want to send out and you can just ‘stack’ articles on top of one another and they will be released according to the timings you have set. They are kind of buffered.

Just somehow it made a weird sense in my biomed head that the buffer logo reminded me of the various steps that happens in western blots, from the buffer solution to the transfer that happens to the nitrocellulose filter. It was love, I kid you not! Finally my two worlds had collided in one image; biomed and marketing.

Then the facebook updates and tweets that the buffer team sends out everyday, makes my day! And when you use the system and decide to delete a buffered article, messages like “aww, what did that one do?” pops up. Sometimes I purposely delete stuff just to see those messages. I get my laughs that way.

So this valentine, Buffer will you be my date?


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