Sherlock Mini-episode: Anderson was a Sherlock Fan!!!

I just cannot get this episode out of my head. Sherlock is seen to be moving closer and closer to London, like he can’t stay away. Then we have Anderson trying to convince lestrade that Sherlock is alive. Look at the way he says “so obviously him!” He is saying it with affection, an old friend reminiscing about the little quirks of his beloved friend. But in the past 2 seasons, Anderson has always held a certain level of disdain for Sherlock. When did he become Sherlock’s number one fan? Also, when did he start to dress like Watson in sweater. Furthermore, he had been removed from his work because he had been working on trying to prove that Sherlock was alive. If I had to make a conjecture, it would be that he was moving too close to the truth that Sherlock was alive and this could have placed others in danger so he was removed from a position that could give him access to information. And yet, he doesn’t give up, he continues doing research old school, using paper and pen to map out Sherlock’s path, digging up obscure cases from around the world. Anderson you sappy fool! The fandom went from hating Anderson to loving him in just 4 minutes.

We move on to Lestrade visiting an old friend, who turns out to be watson and he seems lifeless. Lestrade passes him a CD of uncut version of Sherlock wishing him happy birthday, and he has to fortify himself with a drink before he can bring himself to watch it.

The small moment when he speaks out loud to the TV and asks Sherlock to not be dead, and Sherlock says “Ok,” you can almost hear the moment Watson’s heart stop beating.

Then there is the whole conversation that Sherlock has about coming back and seeing you soon and as a fan, my heart was weeping. Yes! Finally, you are going to come back and I am going to see you again.

At the end, we see Lestrade walk down a street, and someone is holding a paper and the headline screams, ” the game is back on.” There is a small smile on his face.

When did Anderson become such a believer in Sherlock?
What caused this change? He even told Lestrade that it was Sherlock who was responsible for solving most of their cases.
Has he always respected Sherlock but in secret? Why does he need to believe that Sherlock is indeed alive? When Sherlock is back, how will this affect their relationship?
Does Lestrade know that Sherlock is alive? That small smile at the end, was it because it reminded him of Sherlock or because he knows Sherlock is coming back?
Also the 3 words released by Moffat, “rat, wedding, bow”…what do they mean? I suppose, the wedding refers to watson/mary’s for the rat, could it be a snitch? Someone reveals some pertinent information and as for bow, could it be like the final bow? Another death except this time, its real?
In less than 72 Hours, I get to see Sherlock!! The wait will be over!!!! I hope Watson at least Punches Sherlock.


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