A Discourse About Dating A Woman Writer


“You will realize that she has trust issues. You will hear her deny the word “Love” but at the end of the day, she will keep on looking for it. Feel the tears that used to cascade on her face many a night ago. Understand that her heart is an iceberg floating on her ocean’s salt without light.”

Thought Catalog

An episode of language which accompanies any amorous gift, whether real or projected; and, more generally, every gesture, whether actual or interior, by which the subject dedicates something to the loved being”. 

Roland Barthes’ A Lovers Discourse: Fragments

Keep this in mind: If you are a writer and you want to be in a relationship with another writer, be aware that it is going to be a collision of two stars; a clash of two realities. Through writing, much of the day’s scenario are relived through MS word, blog sites or simply in the pages of her notebook. It is her way of taking photographs but in a form of words. You might see her rant in Twitter and buoyed up with metaphors while talking about how men just come and go.

Here is a keyword: Imagination. All her fantasies separate her from an ordinary woman—of how her mind…

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