27 TV shows that I binged on in 2013


This scene set my soul on fire

2 seasons. 6 aired episodes. 1 unaired pilot. 2 years hiatus. The fall that broke a million hearts.

“Just don’t be dead.”

I was hooked from the second I watched this show. The intensity, the pacing, the wit, the snark, the love, the loyalty, and then there is the whole sexy factor when Ben so much as looks at the camera and you see his soul through his eyes and just wait till you see his neck.

The heart of the series is the relationship that Sherlock has with John. John brings out the humanity in Sherlock, and Sherlock helps John to live and they become the most important person in each other’s life. In some ways, Sherlock is pretty much  vulnerable and John has to help look out for him. Who wouldn’t want a friend like that in their lives?

This is the whole show really

I just cannot wait for the next season of this show!

I know there will be waiting involved for season 4, and I have already begun to mentally prepare myself for it but oh dear lord, from the very first scene I had already sold my soul to this show.

Damn you moffat and gratis!!! 

Dr Who

I started watching this show because I saw a lot of gifs of Ten/Rose on tumblr and the scenes at the beach made me cry and I didn’t even know this show then! I knew then that I would have no choice but to start watching this show.

Of course when I actually started to read up on Dr Who, I discovered its rich history! It celebrated 50 years on TV this year, and I knew there was no way, I could watch all the way from series 1. I mean there are movies, novels and so many other things that I possibly couldn’t cover at once.

So I started with Nine and he was fabulous. I wish he could have stayed for a few more seasons, thats how much I loved him. He was the snarkiest of the lot and he was the first doctor that this face saw.

Still one of my fav lines!

nine/rose (bad wolf) 

Then he regenerated and we got to 10!

alas doctor, you ain’t a ginger! 

Technically, this isn’t rose kissing the doctor, but damn it was still a good kiss 

They were so in love! Forever…

And then they got separated in different dimensions. NOOOOOOO

But against all odds, she jumps dimensions, he is able to create 10.2 who is human and they are able to live together!!! 

Obviously, I had a lot of feelings for this pairing in the Dr who verse. It was because of them that I even started watching the show. So when this story line ended, I almost stopped watching the show. But I had fallen in love with David’s doctor and I had to continue watching it. Thank god I did. It introduced me to Martha and Donna.

The Girl who loved the doctor but wasn’t loved back in return and who had the courage to walk away from a man who was still in love with his past love.

And we have Donna, the doctor’s best friend, and the woman who saved the universe but will never remember any of it.

They gave us Jack Harkness who can make you fall in love within seconds just because he is Jack Harkness.

Thereafter, the writers changed from Russell to Moffat and the show changed in little ways. It got more complicated, suddenly rules of time lines etc didn’t make sense anymore.

We had 11 with Amy, Rory, Rivers and everything was going all wonky and to a certain extent I started to lose my love for this show. I still kept watching but I never cried again. I will miss Matt now that he has left the show.


One day I decided to just marathon this show, and I watched all seasons in a continuous seating that all the plots and timelines just merged in my head until I couldn’t tell when one episode started and another ended.

Happy endings

I don’t know why this show never got mainstream? It was funny and it was 20 mintues of laughs everytime I watched it. I also marathoned this show and I was done watching it all in about a week. I want them to come back! Stop cancelling shows which are actually funny.

If you haven’t seen the show, please do yourself a favor and just watch it already.

Once upon a time

My sister had been badgering me to watch this show since last year but I really didn’t see how this show could change my life. I was so wrong! This show is the best fantasy show on TV right now. The plot is always going to surprise you, the back stories of the characters are always something I wished to know more about as a kid (who am I kidding? I still read fairy tales as an adult) and this show gives that in spades! Now the show is the middle of a hiatus and it would be good time to catch up on all the episodes before it starts again in 2014!

The main couple of the show is Prince charming and Snow white. They make you believe in love and hope; that if you are meant for one another you will find one another in every lifetime, in every world.

Then we have the Beauty and the Beast, Rumple and Belle. Two souls who are so different from one another that you cannot possibly imagine them together, but when they do you cannot imagine a better couple. She makes him human and reminds him that at his core, he is a man of honor.

Then we have Emma, the child of Snow/Charming who was sent to our world/dimension and grows up all alone and eventually is brought back to Storybrooke. She teaches us to always fight and to never give up, that it is okay to have wall around you but still learn to trust and love again.

Then she finds Hook ,and there is so much tension between them and when they finally kiss, you breathe out a sigh of relief. Finally. Emma is given hope by Hook ,and she in turn reminds him of Killian, the man he used to be. Two lost people finding light in each other.

So bring on the sword fights, magic, and One true Love, because I need this in my life.

Once upon a time in wonderland

This is a spin off series, but the truth is, it just isn’t as good as OUAT. The sets seem cheap and the acting seems forced. I cannot lose myself in this show. I watch it because I started the show and I cannot stop without finding out what happens.

2 broke girls

The brunette is sassy and has been poor all her life, and the blonde recently became completely broke because her father swindled all the cash and now is in jail. Both dreams of having their own cupcake business and they become fast friends who take care of one another. The cast is dynamic and every line cracks you up.


A sexy man who goes around protecting the town, an intelligent woman who helps to save his arse and the sassy best friend who protects his identity. Amazing!

Cougar Town

A bunch of friends in their 40s who love to drink wine? Count me in.


This show just started a few weeks back and while it isn’t the best show on TV, I like to watch it for the costumes and the sheer chemistry between the actors. I am a sucker for love. (Ahah! Puns!!!)

Game of thrones

GOT, I was late to this series but I watched all the seasons in about 2 weeks and I was hooked. Blood, death, love, revenge, growth all in one episode! I have to start reading the books because I have heard that there are some changes in the series, which is to be expected I suppose. 2014…and the next season begins!!! Also, its great to see women in power in this show.


This show freaked me out because its about cannibalism and the dead bodies can be gruesome. But I still found myself at 3am in the morning binging on the episodes. There is beauty in the grotesque and this show fully revels in that.

It gets philosophical too and half way through the show, you ask Who is the monster?

How I met your mother

I am going to miss this gang. I watched few of the seasons in between that I hadn’t watched before.

Marvel’s agents of SHIELD

I started to watch it for Coulson but I stayed for the irish squints on the team.

Modern Family

My best friend introduced me to this show years ago. I remember lying on his bed as he lit a cigarette, and he said, “hey I want to show you something really interesting.” I replied, “I don’t think I am ready to see your ding ding dong babe.” He laughed and pulled out his laptop and starts playing the first episode of Modern Family. Now I fell in love instantly, but it was only 5 years later that I actually bothered to watch all the episodes. After I had caught up on the show, I call him up, “you were right!Its the best show ever.”

New Girl

Pretty little liars

I watched S1 and then I sporadically watch the episodes being released. I was so psyched when Erza was revealed to be not that innocent. I had predicted that he would be up to no good from the very beginning. Why? Cos his hair was too perfect.


I basically rewatched all the episodes from season 1 onwards. I love the show that much. My day was made this year when Rick Hoffman replied to one my tweets which contained a link to an article I had written about his character. AHHH! And he said, it was good. OMG. Be still my heart.

Men in suits being all intelligent and witty. Its perfection. Then you add in the women who are some of the most complex characters on TV with their own plot lines and not merely sexual objects or plot devices for the advancement of the men, and this show is goldmine.

Here we have Spector being Spector

Do you see why I love Donna?

I love the relationship between Harvey and Mike.

A good show is one which makes you go from hating someone to loving them.


Two hot brothers on the road hunting demons, and saving one another from everything. hell ya! A british devil, and angels falling from heaven to falling in love with mortal charges. Sounds like Charmed from the 00’s but I can roll with that. Team free will!!!

Dean has Disney princess eyes.

Teen wolf
A TV show on MTV should be fluffy and funny. Instead what you get is heart breaks and friendships. Love and hate. Cliffhangers that makes you want to bang your head against your wall or your best friend. Which ever happens to be nearer.

The Mindy Project

This show is one of my most favourite show in 2013. My friends who had started to watch the show told me that I had to watch it too since the character Mindy reminded them of me. I was sceptical because I wanted to be a unique snowflake. Then I watched the show on air en route to Sweden and I was mumbling to myself, “OMG, mindy is me and I am Mindy. Where is my Danny?”

I am so glad that the show is being picked up by more channels, because its one of the funniest shows with heart on TV with a POC as the leading lady. Lets be honest here, how often has a curvy Indian lady being the leading lady on any show? None! So its refreshing to her being successful, and albeit a bit unlucky in love, she goes on living and being herself. Now if only she would realise that Danny is in love with her, the world would be a perfect place.

The Originals

Ok, at the top of my head I cannot remember the Vampires name, but the blonde one, the guy with the to die for accent…yea him, thats why I watched the show. The plot is ridiculous, there is barely any sense in this show and yet I continue watching it. Because I am a sucker for blondes.

The vampire diaries

I watched it because I had read the books. But I only watched it this year because I was turned off by the idea that the Elena in this series was not blonde. She was blonde in the books and I just couldn’t reconcile both elena’s in my mind. The first few seasons were not bad, but now I watch it solely for Damon. Everyone else irritates me. I can’t stop watching until I know what happens to everyone!!!

I love you too, Damon!!!!

The Secret circle

This series was written by the same author who wrote Vampire diaries but sadly, this show only lasted one season. It wasn’t too bad to watch and Gale was in it as a sexy foxy father! Holla baby!!!


My latest obsession and I am only on season 2 now. Its a spin off from Dr Who series and it centers around Jack Harkness who leads his team on Earth fighting Alien invasions and various Time rifts.

White collar

A con artist who is brought out of jail to work alongside the police to catch criminals. I love bad boys and Neal makes it easy to fall in love with a criminal. He is intelligent and resourceful and slowly begins to respect his holder, and forms friendships with people that he would do anything for.

Ok, so he looks like sex on legs, and maybe that is one of the reasons I watch the show, and honey you should see him in a suit.

My Mad Fat diaries

A short british series based on the novel of the same name. Its raw and honest and you just have to watch it to love it. The next series will be released in a few months! Wooo!!!

Well, that is certainly a lot of time spent on my com watching loads of shows. Thank you for keeping me company through the nights in 2013 when I couldn’t sleep my friends!


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