Successful Women Do Not Fall In Love


Thought Catalog

I think the biggest critical thinking error of women of my generation is that in striving to “have it all” they don’t take the necessary first step of asking, “do I want it all?”

The whole cliche presupposes that “it all” is a desirable thing. To me, “having it all” seems bulky and cumbersome. It would be stupid to split my time and energy up among a bunch of things when I could focus my undiluted attention on a select group of things that I really care about.

So then, why isn’t this piece titled “Successful PEOPLE Don’t Fall In Love?”

Because, when men fall in love, they get a wife. When women fall in love they get a husband. Despite idealism, the reality of these two paths is very disparate. For men, falling in love is an asset, for women it is a sentence to hard labor. I have…

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