I have read that it is wrong to blame the inability to write something on having a ‘writer’s block.’ That writing should be more of a habit,a muscle that you train every day of the week continuously working on it to make it stronger.

But sometimes, I find that the words don’t come out; they get stuck somewhere between the voices in my head and the tips of my fingers before they push down the buttons on the keyboard. I find myself getting angry! WHY CAN’T I SAY WHAT I WANT TO SAY? LET THE WORDS COME OUT? Why is it that I can see it in my head, but when I put it down on paper, they look like squiggles running around my screen and all I can do after an hour or so of frustration is to press the delete button and find a certain satisfaction in removing the evidence of my inadequacy.

I am still trying to figure out who I am as a writer, what is my voice, and most importantly what are my weaknesses. Its been much more easier finding out my weakness; an overzealous use of cliches, of the words ‘simply’, ‘so’ and ‘sometimes.’ I do need to learn how to keep my messages concise and way to tie the story together.

On a good day, the words flow easily and I find myself writing without almost thinking of what I am putting down until I do editing later, and there are the days (blocked!) when I can barely form a coherent sentences. But I am finding that if I write something else completely unrelated and ‘unblock’ myself, I can go back to what I was supposed to write in the first place and I will be able to write it then.

What makes it all worthwhile though is when I hit upon some really good gems, and I get a high off it! I give myself a mental hi-five and go,”Oh! Thats a good one. I like it!”

This has to be my favourite so far this year:

“Yes Brian, I would totally be up for it now that you have objectified me into some sort of caramel mocha latte that you want to try because all you have had your whole life was vanilla milkshake. The only plus point is that they are honest about it and you get to choose what to do with them; blow them or blow them off.”


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