Tell him that you like him this christmas

For someone who loves to talk and write, I can get tongue tied in the presence of someone I actually like. 2 christmas ago, when the object of my affection had asked me what the plans for my christmas break was, I just stared at him and repeated ‘pardon?’ thrice because I couldn’t believe he was talking to me. He just smiled and walked away.

I have decided to take charge this christmas.I am a modern independent woman who can rock 18cm heels and proceed to dance all night in them. I can definitely tell a guy, I like him. Easy. yea.

I will never be able to bring myself to straight up confess how I feel. I might accidently knock myself out in the process. But if I can’t speak for myself perhaps, a customised christmas playlist can help me express my feelings.

Setting the moody with a bit of sultry Santa Baby! If this song was good enough for Mindy to try it on Cliff on Mindy Project, then its good enough for me.

Look at Lady gaga seducing JGL into staying the night. Thats right baby, I want you to stay in with me tonight!!! Get it? I am not just playing this song on repeat cos I like it. Perhaps, I should practice the inflection for the lines, “Gosh, your lips look delicious!”

Bringing out the big guns now! The most popular and obvious confessional song for the christmas period! All I want for christmas is youuuu!!!! I would appreciate it if confetti of some sort would explode from nothingness as this song ends, but I would settle for a simple, “Yea ok!”

Now I have always been very fortunate in most aspects of my life; I have had good education, wonderful friends, and even amazing shoes! So if I have not been lucky with love thus far, I have just chalked it up to the reason that one cannot have everything in life. But why shouldn’t we have everything? Why can’t I have a good career, good friends and a good lover? Surely, this can’t be too much to ask for? Sometimes I am so afraid that if I had everything I ever wanted, then surely it must be a dream, and therefore not real. But perhaps my greatest fear is that I have everything I thought I ever wanted, and I still am not satisfied.

I guess, that fear can wait. The greatest fear to grip me is what would happen if I did indeed make things clear, and he says, “ahh but you see, I see you as a sister.” That is karma biting me in the arse.

I even have a song prepared for that occasion. Oh and copious amounts of alcohol to drown myself in. Because there is nothing in life that cannot be solved without alcohol coursing through your system.

If there is anything I have learned from British Christmas Movies, Christmas is THE time for confessionals. Remember how we all cried during the scene from Love Actually?

Christmas Countdown: 15 days!


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