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Love says to me: You are safe; we are here together, in all that is uncertain and frightening.

Andrew, it has now been five years since I fell in love while studying law in London. On Tuesday 9 January 2007 at half past midnight, we had communicated on an Internet chat site for more than a week but had still not met. I had hardly slept the night before because I had been thinking of you. I quote from my message to you:

My day:

  1. Spilt coffee on my shirt on my way to LSE where I met some friends for more coffee.
  2. Thinking of you.
  3. Fell asleep every two minutes in my lecture. I have a piece of paper, which is blank except for the words “concept of migration” in my bag.
  4. Thinking of you.
  5. Had a microwavable dinner again and spilt some of the sauce on the already stained wall-to-wall carpet – no coordination.
  6. Thinking of you.
  7. Cancelled meeting up with a friend for beer. Instead I have tried to read about terrorism, thinking mostly of love and sleep, or falling slowly into both.
  8. Thinking of you.
  9. Had a cigarette looking at the TATE; only the sound of the building breathing.
  10. Writing to you, while you are somewhere out there in the same city sleeping. I can only imagine how beautiful you must look sleeping in your bed.

A few days later we finally met in the Elements bar. I was a bit late and had been walking fast so my heart was already racing when I saw you. You were on a leather chair next to a small table. Light shirt, black jacket, loose jeans. Good looking. I remember thinking, oh-oh, too good-looking. Still I think I get to marry the handsomest man I can imagine.

via Love says to me – Pink Pages.


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