Keep moving especially when you feel like you can’t.


I feel terrified and even before I have submitted my application, an insane fear that I could never be as good as my invisible opponent shakes me to my core.

Why do I even bother to try? Why not just do something simpler and something that has a less likely chance of breaking my heart?

Because if there is one lesson I have learnt from countless hours of workout videos and training sessions of dancing in the past, it is this: Never stop moving, keep moving even if it is just a single step forward when you feel like you can’t move anymore. When you continue moving, you are one step closer to the goal you have set out to achieve. But if you stop, you won’t go anywhere. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get somewhere, as long as you get there.

Unless, you are rushing to the toilet, then its pertinent that you get there as fast as you can.

So I shall keep moving and even when I feel like I am not good enough or I feel like I can’t write another word, I shall keep moving.


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