Quickie Updates.


  1. Its never too late to chase the guy who might just be right for you.
  2. Its very gratifying to be asked to join another team of writers because they like your work so far. Its about topics which I haven’t exactly written much about, but have lots of passion for, such as the social and cultural aspects of India and I would love to pursue this project.
  3. WPP Application: Drafts done, except for one. Now that most of the core work is out of the way, I can edit it and this usually means that in the next 72 hours, the words I write will be some of the most important I will write this year. Actually, I haven’t had this much fun writing for a paper since my Lit exams in J2!
  4. Going to work on branding for current magazine, and that is exciting.
  5. 7 more days to Dinner and Dance that I have been planning for the past 5 months.
  6. Met up with T today, because he was in town for 2 days.
  7. I am baking for a baby shower this saturday and thats exciting.
  8. A wedding planner friend, S, is recommending my cakes to her clients as well.
  9. Just a few more days and I will be 24!!!!

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