25 milestones in 75 days since I quit my job:

Image“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.”~Hugh Laurie

  1. I have started my online cake business, Cakeology, and just finished catering an event for 300 people, for a fashion magazines first anniversary bash. Basically I was baking for 2 days with no sleep and after the event was over, I crashed until I woke up the next day around 11am.
  2. I have attended the F1 Pit-walk with my best friend and sister. I got to see the teams actually rehearse the changing of tires faster than I could blink my eyes. #amazeballs
  3. I started writing for an online tech lifestyle magazine. I was very excited to be asked to come on board this project with my friend. He had been looking for writers, and apparently a few people had recommend me because they had read some of my other pieces. #joy
  4. I have gone for a movie marathon with my friend and spent just 1.80 on it.
  5. I went to India and got to see the Taj Mahal(tick off bucket list!). It was raining heavily that day and there were mini floods everywhere. Camel droppings and horse dung was getting diluted into the water and there were times when I had no choice but to step into the puddle. It was all worthwhile the experience of seeing the Taj! The symmetry of the place and the sheer work that had gone into building it, the stones used to decorate it, I was in awe. You really cannot describe the feeling you get when you are in the building. There is just something really magical about the place; about  a building which will stand the test of time and the ever lasting story of  a love so strong that it will be told for generations and attaining immortality.
  6. I have perfected the fudge brownie recipe (the kind that melts in your mouth and makes you moan in pleasure) , lemon bar recipe, and red velvet recipe.
  7. I have had marathons for TV shows like Arrow, Once upon a time,  Community, Modern family, Dr Who, Supernatural, Masterchef series, Bake off series, Vampire diaries, New Girl, Mindy project. #bummingdays #quizme
  8. I have had really shitty days in which I didn’t feel that I was worthy of anything and just spent 3 days in bed, barely surviving.
  9. I have reconnected with more friends and started building better relationships with the people in my life who are important to me. One time when I met up with an old girl friend, we decided to have donuts for tea, and ended up buying a dozen donuts and once we were done eating those, vowed never to have donuts for a year. #piggingoutmoments
  10. Started revamping the youth club that I had started six years ago with new projects.
  11. Found out about the WPP fellowship and started working on its application. I don’t think I have ever wanted something so much in my life. How do you explain stumbling onto something life changing and then have one of your closest friends tell you that she is also on that very same programme? #prayingforachance
  12. I have started my online courses with coursea after discovering this website during research for one of my articles. It’s a platform which collaborates with universities and publishes various courses online for free. Just started my Marketing course with Wharton. I am very excited for the other courses that I have signed up! #geekmoments
  13.  I exercise regularly now and feel more alive. #deadbutalive
  14. I once met a friend for lunch, then decided to catch a movie at the last minute. The movie that we wanted to watch was 2 stops away and the movie would begin in 9 minutes. We spent the next eight minutes, running to the station and running from the station to the theatre. We made it in time for the lights to dim and movie to screen. #bestiemoments
  15. I started my revision of French and discovered duolingo which helps to test my understanding and revision of French.
  16. I have hosted a show for the community during one of the festive celebrations.
  17. I went to audition to be a radio Dj (another tick off my bucket list!) and made it to the second round. Found out that sometimes I tended to inflect towards the end of my sentences, so now I try to be conscious about how I speak.
  18.  I have read more books that I had kept in my “to read” pile such as ‘predictably irrational’ and ‘the power of habit.’
  19.  I attended a friends wedding reception and bumped into friends I haven’t met in 12 years.
  20. One of the cakes I made had made into top 10 segment of nomornot in buzzfeed.
  21.  Did quizzes on the ability to identifying people’s emotions just be looking at their eyes and scored 35/36!
  22.  I have experimented with cooking various seafood which I have never eaten before.
  23.  Been going for pole dance classes; the amount of core abdominal strength required for this is unbelievable.
  24. Got to attend a concert for the first time in my life! #concertvirgin
  25. I think I might be falling in love. #heartache

Overall, I am happy that I have had this break. There are times in our lives we just need to take a step back from the normal humdrum beat that we follow blindly. Not joining the workforce again after my last job probably seemed like the craziest thing to do. In fact, during this time, I wasn’t even actively looking for new jobs. I felt like this was the time to sit back and just live everyday, one day at a time, and try to understand myself better as a person. I know now that while I do enjoy working on projects by myself, I in fact miss working as part of a team. The energy of bouncing ideas off one another and seeing the different pieces of the puzzle fall into place is beautiful and I want to do this!

This has perhaps been some of the most interesting days of 2013. I have been to more places in Singapore in the past 2 months then I have in 20 years, trying new food, meeting new people.

Life is exciting and I needed to live it instead of just passing through it.


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