Stock Photos Site Fotolia Launches “Fotolia Instant,” An App For Selling Your Smartphone Photos

Time to make some money especially if you take good pictures.


Online microstock photos marketplace Fotolia, a Shutterstock rival now based out of New York, is today making another move on mobile with the launch of an app that allows users to earn money from their smartphone photos. The app, Fotolia Instant, is much like many of the social photos apps on the market in that it lets you snap photos, apply filters, then share. But it also includes more professional tools, too – for example, it allows you to manually control exposure and aperture separately.

2-5The photos are submitted to a new “Instant Collection” on Fotolia, where they have to meet the same quality and esthetic requirements that already exist on the stock photos site. The company says that means these smartphone photos will go through the same moderation and inspection process that other submissions do, despite the photos coming from mobile. In addition, people who appear in…

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