Stop using the name of God in vain by hiding behind it to hate


I am tired about reading articles, which rants about “the gay movement” or how our youths are being corrupted by “the gay propaganda.” What is this gay movement? What is the gay propaganda that has gotten many briefs in twist?

Why do we spend so much time on hate and bigotry? I don’t understand this! I am frustrated on behalf of my friends who are harassed for being the way they are. People constantly saying “he is only gay because he hasn’t found the right woman yet” and “oh this is only a phase.”

No, eating chicken pie with milk for lunch break for six months is a phase, wearing polyester is a phase, loving someone and living with him or her is not.

You hide behind the name of God to sooth your conscious for deplorable behaviour. How else can you condone this bullying behaviour which has led many to end their own life because the people around kept telling them that they were fucked up, that they needed to be fixed? Do you know what is like?Everyday you look at the mirror and wonder what is wrong with you? Why you never fit in? How can your own flesh and blood wish that you were dead instead of accepting for who you are?

Would you condone the same bullying antics, if a ‘straight’ person was the victim? 

You say that you are saving them! Saving them from being an abomination. You quote scriptures and spout verbatim the words you heard from people in power, people that you respect. But do you ever stop to think, what exactly is it that you are stopping?

When most people think of others who are in love with people of their same gender, they immediately jump on to the idea of how they have sex with one another. Oh but if a man is meant to have sex with another man, he would have had a vagina. Or if a woman is to lie with another woman, she would have a dick. Well, I don’t see how this has stopped humans or countless other species from carrying on their relationships nonetheless.

Oh yes! Now we come to how promiscuous they can be! They are forever cheating on one another and having sex with everyone that they can lay their hands on. God forbid, if you let one of your friends who is gay sleep in the same bed as you, you can so totally guarantee that he would want your dick.The horror! First of all, dude, you probably aren’t his type, and secondly, the thoughts of a person reflect their own character. So would you automatically want to assault the friend sleeping next to you? No? Well extend the same courtesy to your friend. Cos bro, he don’t want your dick.

For that matter, promiscuous behaviour runs rampant throughout our society. We thrive on such news about celebrities and we ourselves know people who have had sex with more than one person. People have sex. People can enjoy sex with more than one person. Get over it. And if you aren’t getting any, don’t stop others from having fun.

Listen, before you preach your hate at least try to understand what you are fighting against.

Let me tell you what you seem to not understand.  Love is love okay? Attraction is attraction.It is the same whether you are a man who loves a woman, a woman who loves a man and a woman, a man who loves a man who loves to dress up as a woman.

It’s the same!

Who are we to decide which love is more real or more worthy?How can you find it in your heart to prevent a partner from seeing their loved one in a hospital because they don’t have the legal document to proof that they are related? Can you bear to be separated from your child, because others have deemed that you are an abomination?

Being part of the majority, we often never stop to think of all things we take for granted. No one ever asked us when we decided to choose that we liked people of the opposite gender. I don’t ever recall waking up one day and deciding, “yes this is it, this is the moment and from now on, I will only be attracted to dicks.”

(Does this mean if a woman wears a strap on, I can get attracted to her? Shit, this wasn’t in my heteromanual!!)

Have you seen a couple in love? It’s a beautiful thing.There is a grace to movements between lovers in love; when one moves, the other move as well, and it’s a subconscious movement. There is a fond smile on their face when they think or talk about their loved one. When they walk and their fingers lace one another, or as they walk one of the partner traces patterns on the back of the other. How they share light kisses or make funny faces with one another? Knowing that they can rely on one another no matter what happens in life because they are a team?

(Uh, sounds familiar? This is you in love with your partner.)

Its the same. 

This feeling that creeps up on you when you begin to fall for someone and you know that life will never be the same again because this person has shifted something inside of you and for sometime you can’t breathe but your partner looks at you and in their eyes you see the love reflected back and you let go of the breath you have been holding and the world rotates once more?

It’s the same for everyone.

How can this be wrong? Stop placing people into categories!Stop looking at people and thinking “black, white, yellow, fake tan” or “gay,lesbian, straight” and judge a person by what they do instead of how they look or who they love.

I want to believe in the most important message Harry potterever taught our generation, “LOVE CONQUERS ALL.”

Love thy neighbor.

PS: The grammatical and spelling errors in this post is quite likely to be an abomination.

Note: I wrote this piece because I have been horrified by the sort of hate that has been spreading around. Religion should not be used as an excuse to hate on others. Your lack of understanding should not be used as an excuse to hate or bully someone. It should also not be the reason someone takes their own life. This is simply how I feel about things. I was quite emotional when I wrote it so I will follow up with posts which are more coherent. 🙂 


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