Sam Tsui & Kurt Hugo Schneider in Singapore <3

ImageI was gripping the edge of my seat, screaming like a 12 year old when the lights went out. 

I finally get to watch a concert for the first time in my life (I am 24 this year!) and I get to go for Sam & Kurt’s concert! It was kind of last minute purchase because C wanted to go for this concert as well.

To prepare for the concert I have been playing their songs non-stop since last night. In fact their ever popular Cup song plays in the background as I write this.

Meeting Mr Sex Bomb
Before the concert started, I had to take my obligatory toilet break and as I walked towards the toilet, I see a hot guy in buttoned down maroon shirt and capri pants walking in my direction. I mentally admire his broad shoulders and chiseled jawline. He is a work of art. I pass him by and suddenly I hear “Hey! I know you!” and for a moment I am struck by how much his voice sounds like liquid sex and then it hits me that he is talking to me! I pivot slowly just to make sure that he is indeed talking to me and he is striding back towards me with a smile on his face which I am sure can power an entire planet by sheer force of awesomeness. “You are from the DJ competition right? S?” and all I can do is to nod like I know whats going on. For the life of me I can’t remember his name and he goes “Oh you don’t remember my name?” and I want to kick myself in the head because here is a cute guy talking to me and actually remembers me even though we had barely spoken prior to this and when we did at the DJ competition, I had casually reminded him that I was wearing a 6″ heel and wouldn’t hesitate to clobber him if he said something stupid. We carried on talking about the competition and my mouth ran away with words faster than my brain could process and I said, “oh look, theres the ladies! Great!” and try to get away from this conversation when he suggests that we continue talking later to which I reply Ok, but in actual fact, I run away from the toilet after using it with C in tow. Thats right ladies and gentleman, I run away from conversations with cute men especially when I am wearing the same outfit I was wearing the last time we met.

Bye bye Mr Sex Bomb, I don’t think I will ever see you again.

The Concert!!!!
We had to wait a while before the concert started and C and I were rehearsing for her interview tomorrow. Eventually the lights went down and we started screaming only to realise that the bodies we had seen on stage were the sound crew. The concert started with few of the originals (I barely know any of their original music! 😦 such as bad fan!) and all of the songs were easy to pick up. By the time the first chorus was over, I was already humming along with Sam and the other fans!

Sam is really energetic during the concert and he was constantly jumping around the stage. He reminded of the energizer bunny,which seemed to be buzzed up all the time. I felt like I had run a marathon while watching him do his thing on stage. I was slightly saddened by the fact that Kurt didn’t sing at all, but seeing him perform on the keyboard and guitar was awesome in its own right.

They even did the cup song!!! It was perfection. I love that their originals are about love, about taking things one day at a time. In this day and age when most musicians sing about sex and blurred lines, I am very happy to sing along to songs about not giving up and having the time of your life.

At one point in the concert, he was singing Britney’s “Hold it against me” and as he finished with “if i want your body now, would you hold it against me” and I whispered “noooooo!”

Some of my favourite moments:


Sam reminded me of the Pastor from City Harvest Church when I went for their Easter special last year, and he would raise his hand to reach out to the holy spirit, and as he was reciting a story, the only word I could clearly hear and was then forever branded in my brain was “bosom!”. 


Here they perform the Cup song! 


Sam changed into this red jacket which I called “the jacket of seduction” in my head  

I fell in love with some of the original songs that he performed today and I will get them from iTunes soon! “Make it up”, “Shadow”, “Grey area”, “Underneath” were some of those that I really loved from all the songs he performed.

I am so glad I got to go today! Its nice to see 2 guys who had humble beginnings in Youtube make it big! Youtube is the new place where dreams become a reality.


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