Dream = {You + me, happy,together}


x = length of time you have feelings for someone

x/2 = {approximate length of time required for you to get over the person}

Most often, it feels like this :


Somehow my feelings grew and it keeps going towards infinity, and there is no discrete point at which it ends.

Other times, it feels like :


Sometimes I really like you and other times, it drops to an all time low. I usually like you best when you do something that is so uniquely you, I can’t put into words how I like it when you share a joke with me, and only me or when you buy your lunch according to what I want. I hate you the most when you don’t get it, get that you are driving me mental.

Right now, I feel we are like this:


Two parallel lines, brought close together by circumstances.

What I really wish would happen is this:

intersecting-lines-graphWhy is it so hard to find an intersecting point?

nerd rage


2 Comments Add yours

  1. simransaysit says:

    emotionally geeky! hang in there darling, it’s a complex life.. (see what i did there? :D)

    1. inksplati says:

      Aha! The geek life chose us and we have to honour it. 🙂

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