“Would It Bother You If I Slept With Him?”

Thought Catalog

We’re standing outside of a late night bar, deciding what to do next. All of our friends are there but it still feels like we’re alone. I don’t know how we got onto the topic but suddenly, I feel Paul’s arm around my waist pulling me closer and he says quietly, “I’m very attracted to you.”

My head is swirling with a combination of Fernet Branca and the sweet, leathery smell of his body but I still have the audacity to play it cool. I shrug my shoulders and affect what I hope is nonchalant body language when I say “and I’m really attracted to you. So what? That happens.”

At this point, we’re standing in the street, looking for a cab but we haven’t talked about where we’re going or why. “You have a boyfriend,” he says and this is true. I shrug my shoulders again.

“And I love…

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